Taekwondo Overview

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art based on understanding of body mechanics and Newtonian physics as well as influence of other martial arts.  Taekwondo emphasizes speed, control and agility to subdue a larger or stronger opponent.  With an emphasis on kicking techniques rather than grappling or hand techniques, students are able to get a great workout and also learn self-defense.

One the core principle of Taekwondo is the relax and strike application.  The principle places emphasizes on maximal power with minimal effort.  In other words, between strikes or blocks the practitioner learns to relax the body, then at point of impact tense the muscle while performing the technique.  The technique is combined with breathing control to conserve ones body energy. 


Adult Beginner Class

The main focus of the beginners program was created to ensure that all new students will begin their Taekwondo journey with a solid foundation and basic understanding of the art.  The beginner classes at W.S. Jeung's Taekwondo allows students to understand Taekwondo through learning experience that combines detailed instructions, constructive feedback and application if techniques.

In addition, experienced Instructors conduct all classes with he utmost concern for safety and respect for others.  You do not need any experience, most of our adult students started with no previous experience. 

Adult Advance Class

Adult advance class is a further in-depth exploration of advance Taekwondo.  Students should have a solid understanding of basic Taekwondo principles, fluency in technique, and respectful cooperative partner work. One step sparring, situational sparring, situational self defense and falling techniques are explored, in addition to a strong emphasis on building instinctual application through live sparring.  


Kids Program 

Each 45 minute class includes learning series of drills and skills that work on their flexibility, coordination and endurance.  Best of all, they will love the excitement of learning Taekwondo through kicks, forms, and self defense techniques. Master Jeung and his staff are well experienced in inspiring children, enabling them to give their best effort and achieve their goals.

At W.S. Jeung's Taekwondo, we provide our kids:

  • goal setting
  • perseverance and passion
  • increase athletic skills
  • responsibility
  • Flexible class times of afternoon, evenings and weekends 

Super Tigers Program (5 & 6 Yrs.)

Each 40 minute session includes exercises to develop listening skills, following step by step directions, coordination, and gross motor skills.  Each class is structure in way where the Instructor blends the perfect level of discipline and fun. 

At W.S. Jeung's Taekwondo, we provide our Super Tigers:

  • Structure learning enviroment 
  • Increase discipline and focus
  • Fun and encouraging atmosphere 
  • Flexible class times of evenings and weekends