“No judgement and all the students are great to be around.”

"My son has been attending this school since August of 2016. He loves it. The Grand Master is great. His son, who does the bulk of the instruction, is great with kids, is very respectful, and keeps the learning very fun. Having studied a few forms of martial arts, I cannot compare this school to any other. It is a great place to learn and to be part of. They have other activities for the kids as well - tournaments and summer programs. I am actually going to sign up to start my path in TaeKwonDo starting this coming week. Also, there is no judgement and all the students (both children and adults) are great to be around."

— D.T.


Discovering Taekwondo through W.S. Jeung's dojang has been a wonderful high light of our daughter's year! Master Jeung instills respect and inspires dedication in his students through warmth, humor, and kindness, while never compromising the rigor or discipline. The kids are happily awed by his example, and learn that working towards a goal is as rewarding as the goal itself. It's great to see the kids learn a classical form and receive real training. It's great to see how students of all levels,ages, and sizes, support each other and work together. It's always inspiring to watch Master Jeung keeping it 100% serious and %100 fun! Each student gets plenty of individual attention. WSJTKD is a gem!

— K.B.


Our vision was to create more than a place where people come to earn a new belt. We want to create an educational hub where people can find fulfillment, mindfulness and happiness. We desire to achieve this vision by using Taekwondo as a tool to help people to find the best versions of themselves.

— Master Jeung


“I've lost 50 pounds!.”

Honestly, this is such a local business in Yorktown Heights. This place is incredibly friendly and welcoming to all students and families no matter who they may be. The classes are fun and engaging, and are also a great workout! I've been enrolled in this school after looking at several schools in the area for about 4 years now. In that time with the support of the talented and dedicated instructors I've lost 50 pounds and have gotten into much better shape in general.

— J.M.



I love it- my son’s learning not only the martial arts but also how to be a good, kind, respectful little man! The best!


Loved by Our Students